Who We Are

FILL is an initiative brought to you by several European organisations that are involved in adult learning and education. By forming a partnership we are sharing knowledge and working together to offer a comprehensive understanding of issues related to nutritional changes that take place as one gets older, plus offer instructional materials to support a lifelong pleasurable experience when eating. The partners involved specialise in different fields which together offer a unique combination of talents to successfully produce up-to-date materials:

ALPHA AssociationITwww.associazionealpha.it
Institut de Formation Interhospitalier Théodore SimonFRwww.ifits.fr
KAPLAN CONSULTANTSFRkaplan-consultants.org
uniT - Verein für Kultur an der Karl-Franzens-Universität GrazATwww.uni-t.org
VNB, Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V.DEwww.vnb.de
West Lothian CollegeUKwww.west-lothian.ac.uk