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With life expectancy extending and the substantial increase amongst those living over the age of 85 years, it has become apparent that nutrition in our elder years has a significant impact on the quality of the lives we lead.

Older people can become ‘at risk’ of malnutrition both in hospitals and care home settings. Within their communities, older people can also become vulnerable to undernourishment and consequent ill-health and especially when they live on their own.

One aspect that the Scottish partners are developing within the FILL project is in relation to Financial Issues surrounding nutrition. Linda Brown who is a Nursing Lecturer within the Wellbeing Centre at West Lothian College, Scotland, has developed a tool that could assist carers to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the activities of daily living specifically for eating and drinking. SMART cooking considers both the nutritional features and practical aspects of food for older adults. It is anticipated that the SMART cooking tool may enable meal times to continue being enjoyable and practical whilst encouraging independence and good nutrition for the older person within their current circumstances.