Meeting in Livingston

Livingston Workshop

Food Train, a Scottish Charity with local volunteers, was presented by Christine Watt. The Charity provides grocery delivery to older people living in West Lothian. The volunteers (about 60 of them) do the shopping for the elderly persons who stay independent generally speaking and continue living in their homes. There is no formal supervision for this so-to-speak social work, though training is provided for volunteers on topics such as the protection of vulnerable persons, dementia, etc. as generally the volunteers see themselves as caring for their 'neighbours'.

Several other presentations were made on the second day of the meeting. The first by Marion Darling (WLC). We will provide more information on her presentation shortly. A second presentation was made by Tino Boubaris (VNB) on the new FILL app that has been developed by VNB for smartphone users. A third presentation was made by IFITS participants on the training programme that they have developed on elderly persons' and enjoyable nutrition. The programme will be included in the school's curriculum. A forth presentation was made on On The Menu by Rory Stewart. On The Menu is a home delivery service of prepared meals aiming to provide a healthy alternative to frozen foods and prepared meals for the elderly. Foods are packaged with easily identifiable and readable indications and instructions. They can be easily heated or served straight out of the box. Nutritional needs and balance, taste and quality of produce used to prepare the dishes are all carefully considered in these quality hand prepared meals and desserts. Participants tasted some of the dishes during the presentation.

Following an evaluation session and before closing the meeting, partners coordinated and planned their upcoming activities. The next all-partner transnational meeting will take place in Genoa on 22-23 Jan. 2015.