IFITS International Days 2014

Group Picture

Presentations were made by several FILL partners. Jonathan Kaplan from KAPLAN CONSULTANTS presented the project and its goals, duration, partner organisations and activities. Anke Egblomassé and Tino Boubaris from VNB presented the situation of older migrants in Germany and their relationship to the professional care system. This included the challenges that organisations are facing when it comes to meeting the needs and wishes of people with a migration history as regards food in later life. One important goal of the lecture was to raise student and stakeholder awareness for the topic. The Learning Day in Hanover and its outcomes were presented as well as an educational exercise that was used during the Learning Day which actively involved the participants in the lecture hall. Alessandra Tinti and Rita Bencivenga presented characteristic traits of elderly people's nutrition and health related problems in residential care units and retirement homes. Project partners will again present the project, its products and outcomes during the next edition of IFITS International Days that will be taking place April 7–8, 2015.