Meeting in Hanover

Hanane -one of the students from IFITS who took part in the meeting in Hanover

The meeting was hosted by VNB on March 20 and 21. The first day was intended as a workshop on food and meal habits in various cultural settings and their implications on healthcare practice. Learning activities included taking into consideration the way habits and traditions are carried into work contexts and how these can interfere with habits and traditions that patients are accustomed to. Differences between regulations in different countries were highlighted too in respect to families bringing food into hospitals or nursing homes. Participants shared their own experiences through learning activities that included reflecting on one's favourite dish and the circumstances when it was first eaten, as well as talking of foods that one does not eat and the reasons for it not being part of one's diet.

On the second day participants reported on their activities and progress they were making in respect to the FILL Partnership. Coordination, planning, monitoring activities and evaluation of the Partnership and of the meeting took place. Lastly, adjustments were made to future activities.

The next event partners will attend are the International Days at IFITS in the beginning of April 2014. An overview presentation will be made of the Partnership and presentations on specific topics will be made by several of the Partners. All the college's students will be attending the conference.